Slow Travel Poland Organic Holiday

August 26, 2016

Slow Travel

means taking your time to explore a location, it’s people, the culture, the food

In other words it’s a complete immersion with time to “smell the roses” It’s about experiencing things not just ticking them off on a list. It can also mean establishing routine when you travel- visiting the same flower market each day, patronizing the same bakery, etc.

Like the slow food movement, slow tourism is a way for people to become more connected to local communities. Travellers are more able to engage with their communities on a more intimate level and savor the tastes, sounds, and activities that locals do. It enriches their experiences, and stimulates the regional economies in the process. In an increasingly global world, it has never been more important to embrace our diversity and cultures and gain more appreciation for our differences in a personal way.

“We love things that take a long time — we’re in no rush! Slow travel is about being in the present. We’re always rushing to get from point A to point C that we don’t stop to enjoy point B. You have to slow down and enjoy the moment because you never know when your last moment is.”

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